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Arctic Souls: Arctic Hare

The unassuming strength from within the Arctic wilderness.

The Arctic Hare embodies both the serene beauty and the unassuming strength from the Arctic wilderness. As a vital part of the Arctic ecosystem, the hare symbolises the complex web of life that exists even in the most inhospitable environments. In choosing to portray the Arctic Hare in a classical portraiture pose, the artist seeks to convey the elegance and gentle demeanour of this often-overlooked creature, while emphasising the need to protect its delicate habitat.
In selecting an Arctic Hare leveret as the subject for this portrait, the artist aims to showcase the innate charm and delicate features of this young animal. The soft, downy fur of the leveret not only reflects the purity of its Arctic surroundings but also represents the potential for growth and change as it matures and navigates its ever-evolving environment.

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Edition of 8 + 2 Artist Proofs + 2 Museum Proofs


code, electronics, LCD screen, sensors, aluminium


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Dimensions in MM:

65 (W) x 106 (H) x 12 (D) cm

Dimensions in INCHES:

25.5 (W) x 41.9 (H) x 4.7 (D) inches

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