Dominic Harris

Dominic Harris (London, 1976) is an artist who uses technology to construct highly personal interpretations of the natural phenomena which surround us.

His reverence for nature, coupled with his fascination for code, offers a surreal and whimsical take on reality, which ultimately challenges our own perceptions of the world about us. His responses, aesthetic yet playful, conceal a carefully-observed commentary on the digitisation of our daily experiences, which plays both upon our emotions, and our relationship with the technology-fuelled 21st century Pop Culture.

As these technologies, unstoppable and fascinating, invade our lives, and intrude upon us in ever more intimate ways, Dominic Harris captures the sometimes-menacing march of the information age turning it to our advantage in an insightful and seamless blending of nature with code. Dominic Harris is part of a small, and important, coterie of artists who are pushing the envelope of feasibility and redefining what is acceptable within the art world.

In the foreword to Harris's solo exhibition "Imagine" at the Halcyon Gallery, curator Sunny Cheung writes, 'a thread of existentialism exists in Dominic Harris' work, a certain preoccupation with flowers, petals, butterflies, and a fascination with metamorphosis and transformative experiences'. This is echoed throughout Harris' practice as 'recurring elements and motifs' shed light on his close relationship with the natural world and its ability to be intertwined with the performative and immersive persona of the digital phenomena which has firmly anchored itself in society today.

Dominic graduated from Cranbrook Kingswood School in Michigan, and returned to England to read Architecture at the Bartlett School, University College, London. He graduated with top distinctions, qualifying as an architect in 2003, and going on to work for the avant-garde architectural practice Future Systems. Since 2007 Dominic has operated from his own studio in Notting Hill, London, where he and his team design, engineer, code and fabricate his artworks and installations.

'The British architect-turned-artist has produced conceptually and technologically complex works, continuously redefining the scope of digital art over the last 15 years'

The Economist

'Not since the world fell in love with Yayoi Kusama has London fallen for such a triumph of delight.'

Trebuchet Magazine

'Harris’s works have carved out a realm of the digital into a portal, connecting us, deeply, to life. By linking our actions to the world that we perceive, Harris brings us closer to ourselves. His works not only shape the possibilities of art’s manifestation or form but fundamentally change the mode in which viewers experience art.'

Joachim Pissarro

‘Dominic Harris has turned his sights on the information age, utilising cutting edge technology and classical art techniques to create something unique’

Evening Standard

‘Harris draws from art history, from the Renaissance preoccupation with still life to pop art (he is the only digital artist permitted to use Disney images). He acknowledges Bill Viola as an inspiration’

Capital Reviewer

‘Like Warhol, Harris’ inspiration and social commentary also draws on the iconic imagery - in this case animation - that has defined and dominated post-war culture and entertainment’

Art Daily