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Dominic Harris "Every Wing Has a Silver Lining" commission announced for Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line unveils the dynamic 52-foot-wide Dominic Harris commission for their upcoming ship, the Norwegian Viva

December 2022

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"Unseen" at Annabel's of Mayfair

"UNSEEN" is an interactive artwork of undiscovered butterflies, a portrait of incredible but never observed or recorded specimens, commissioned by Annabel's (Mayfair) as part of their "Annabel's for the Amazon" campaign.

September 2022

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Harris in Harrods Windows

Dominic Harris artworks in take-over of Harrods Windows

April 2022

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Endurance: Lost Ship Found in Antarctic

An update to the legendary adventure that inspired my artwork

March 2022

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Dominic Harris in the Mezzanine

A collection of Dominic Harris artworks fills the mezannine space of the Halcyon Gallery, including the new "Essence of Time".

January 2022

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Dominic Harris at the Harrods Tea Room

Dominic Harris has taken over the iconic Tea Room at Harrods with digital artworks that bridge history and technology in an intertwined exploration of Harris’ most important subject: the incredible phenomena of nature.

July 2021

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Studio visit and interview by FAD Magazine. "I’m on my way to meet Dominic Harris, a graphic artist whose works appear primarily virtual, but below the surface belly a complex web of bespoke machinery, the intricate lacing of wires and code, and an attention to physical detail which extends to every pixel on his touchscreen canvases. "

June 2021

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All That Flutters Turns To Gold

A Dominic Harris commission for Ouronyx

May 2021

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"US NOW" at Halcyon Gallery

The question of identity, on both an individual and community level, feels more pertinent in the current global climate than ever before. 'Us Now’ looks at how artists appropriate national and political figures, imagery, and iconography in order to address this subject in their work.

November 2020

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Trebuchet Magazine: "Skeuomorphic Resonance - Dominic Harris: Life as Art as Interaction"

Digital artist Dominic Harris creates beautiful work that captures the viewer’s attention with precise detail and vibrant colour, but it is only as we move closer that they come to life.

September 2020

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"Art of Code" Lecture at Halcyon Gallery

A group of inspiring artists and computer scientists aged between 14-18 were welcomed to Halcyon Gallery to learn more about the 'Art of Code' with Dominic Harris.

January 2020

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"Imagine" at Halcyon Gallery

Dominic Harris signs exclusive worldwide representation with Halcyon Gallery and announces the launch of an inaugural exhibition.

October 2019

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"Swell" Installation on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Perhaps the largest kinetic sculpture by Dominic Harris is now being installed on site!

April 2019

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Art Miami Buzz TV with Bruce Helander

A video review by Art Miami Buzz TV with Bruce Helander

December 2018

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"Mickey & Minnie" launch at Art Miami 2018

Harris brings to life Walt Disney's two most iconic and beloved characters.

December 2018

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