"Dominic Harris: Portals of Life"

Essay by Joachim Pissarro

In this intimate exchange between artist, nature, and viewer, Harris’s works have carved out a realm of the digital into a portal, connecting us, deeply, to life. By linking our actions to the world that we perceive, Harris brings us closer to ourselves. His works not only shape the possibilities of art’s manifestation or form but fundamentally change the mode in which viewers experience art.

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"Dominic Harris: Imagine"

Expert Essay by Sunny Cheung
curator at large, Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art

“Harris‘s work carries on an artistic tradition where rapid advances in technology allowed for new ways to experiment and for artists to harness this experimentation to produce new works of art that mixed learning and thought with aesthetic consideration.”

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A conversation with Simon Quintero

An in-depth interview exploring the historical references and popular culture influences in Dominic Harris's work.

“First fake news, or was it? We still don’t know. But certainly in my depiction of it, in case the story was ever lost, I finish with a direct homage to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Such is the power of film. When I solicit a response from the viewer, that role reversal so that the viewer can perform and become a part of the canvas, I love that.”

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"Butterflies in Art"

Critical Essay by Harman Bains

“Contemporary artists of different mediums have grasped this historical precedence and upheld the numerous symbolic references, so that the butterfly has come to signify a ubiquitous theme: the duality of life and death. Dominic Harris has built upon these foundations by using the butterfly not only as an art piece, but also as a design object.”

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