Salon Art + Design, New York 2023

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November 13, 2023

Dominic Harris was delighted to return to the New York Salon Art + Design with an edited highlight of his London "Feeding Consciousness" exhibition.

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Whitewall : The Best of Salon Art and Design 2023

London-based fine arts purveyor Halcyon Gallery made its splashy Salon debut with an exhibition from interactive digital artist, Dominic Harris. After a hugely successful debut at Halcyon’s Mayfair gallery earlier this year, Feeding Consciousness is a series of works combining AI, code, machine learning, 3D sensors and other digital art technology. At its center, a ten-foot tower, inspired by the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel, displays, in real-time, the highest trending topics on Google’s UK search engine. Composed of 180 LCD screens, the piece is intended to represent the “country’s collective consciousness.”

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The Village Voice : Critically-acclaimed exhibition featuring Feeding Consciousness by leading digital artist Dominic Harris opens at New York's Salon Art + Design Fair

Halcyon Gallery exhibits for the first time at Salon with British artist Dominic Harris at a time when art auctions and exhibitions reach a peak in NYC. Leading British digital artist Dominic Harris has opened his Feeding Consciousness exhibition at Salon Art + Design in New York, one of the most influential collectible design and art fairs.

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Over 2,000 visitors flooded Salon Art + Design's opening night on Thursday evening at the Armory. The salon's 12th edition saw some changes, with many new exhibitors and a more contemporary bent. The opening night cocktail was a benefit for the Dia Art Foundation, co-chaired by Nathalie & Laura de Gunzburg. Committee members for the evening included Paul Arnhold, Guillaume Coutheillas, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Christina Ohly Evans, Linda Fargo, Dennis Freedman, Wendy Goodman, Gabriel Hendifar, Julie Hillman, Colin King, Jeff Klein, Carlos Mota, David Netto, Dr. Daniella Ohad, Suchi Reddy, and Lizzie Tisch.
There were many striking pieces at various booths, including a 2012 Zaha Hadid dining table at David Gill, an art installation at Halcyon by Dominic Harris that updates every minute according to what is being searched on Google, and a Carlo Bugatti table at Guy Regal.

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