"Unseen" at Annabel's of Mayfair

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September 13, 2022

Dominic Harris has created a bespoke digital art installation 'UNSEEN' in collaboration with renowned private members' club Annabel’s in support of their month-long charity initiative, Annabel's for the Amazon. The initiative supports The Caring Family Foundation’s goal to plant one million trees in the Amazon rainforest by March 2024, to demonstrate the importance of preserving nature in the fight against deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest.

‘UNSEEN’ is an interactive portrait of undiscovered butterfly species — incredible specimens that have never been witnessed or documented by humans. As deforestation and environmental changes shift and destroy the ecological landscape that is home to these delicate creatures, it is speculated that many species disappear before they are ever discovered.

Harris is known for employing innovative technology to achieve his artistry.  This artwork employs for the first time his own Artificial Intelligence generation techniques. Using complex algorithms trained on his own hand-painted collection of butterflies, Harris realises his digital lepidopterist dream of bringing new butterfly species to life. The result is an intriguing evolution in his work, manifested by a rabble of new digital butterfly specimens that are each infinitely unique, impossibly beautiful, yet entirely plausible.

In paying homage to those “unseen” butterflies, Harris’ focus is on the captivating beauty of what might have been. Harris hopes, with his typical enduring optimism, that some of his fabricated butterflies may well still be out there awaiting discovery in the jungles of the rainforest.


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an interactive portrait of undiscovered butterfly species