Endurance: Lost Ship Found in Antarctic

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March 11, 2022

The story of the Endurance inspired a whole interactive artwork driven by the narrative of the incredible journey and the change that has continued to happen to the fragile surrounding environment since The Endurance’s ultimate voyage.  Reading the journals of Ernest Shackleton I was struck by the way he described the force of nature closing in on his ship. One century on from his fateful voyage, I feel a reversal of roles has taken place, whereby now it is the environment that’s being threatened human touch. 

Seeing these new photographs of the submerged Endurance only heightens for me the story and legend of the incredible voyage. The Endurance remains a symbol of humankind’s perseverance to explore and acts as a timely reminder to reflect on the impact we are having on our host planet.  The discovery in real life of the Endurance ship only adds to the significance of the narratives and depictions within my “Endurance” artwork, and help further engage the viewers within the dialogue of these frozen and threatened landscapes.

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