Architectural Digest: Every Wing Has A Silver Lining

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October 22, 2023


Whether you're a seasoned cruiser or dipping your toe into cruising for the first time, Norwegian Cruise Line's Prima Class ships are sure to capture your attention with their elegance. Taking cruising to the next level, Norwegian Prima and Norwegian Viva, introduce a design ethos that completely elevates the aesthetic experience a cruise ship can offer.

"When you open your mind, and believe it's possible to change the rules, it's possible to offer something completely new," says Piero Lissoni, founder and design principal of Lissoni & Partners, who designed the exclusive suite-level retreat, The Haven.

All throughout the ship are head-turning installations of world-class art. Take, for instance, artist Dominic Harris' 52-foot-wide interactive butterfly wall titled Every Wing Has a Silver Lining, a bespoke commission for NCL inspired by the Art Deco glamour of transatlantic ocean liners, the dynamic motion of the sea, and the patterns of sculptor Erwin Hauer. There's also the captivating hull art by street artist Manuel Di Rita, also known as "Peeta," which was accompanied by six companion NFT art pieces.

But beyond the artwork onboard, NCL tapped world-class design studios to dream up sophisticated spaces for guests. In addition to Lissoni's work in The Haven, highlights include accommodations by Studio Dado, the Indulge Food Hall by Rockwell Group, and Ocean Boulevard & Infinity Beach by SMC Design.

"The real challenge is to create spaces that over the course of a day, or over the course of a cruise, you're creating new experiences for people from day to day," says Michael Fischer, principal and studio leader at Rockwell Group. In our opinion, the designers of NCL's Prima Class ships have achieved just that. Dive into four of these high-design spaces below.

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