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Every Wing Has A Silver Lining

An interactive shimmering tapestry using digital silver butterflies to mirror the ocean's rhythmic movement. Commissioned by Norwegian Cruises.

"Every Wing Has a Silver Lining" by Dominic Harris is a monumental artwork commissioned by Norwegian Cruises. Stretching 16 meters in length, this digital installation is the largest piece of art commissioned for Norwegian Cruise Line's newest ship, the Viva. 
Inspired by Harris's ongoing fascination with butterflies, the artwork incorporates themes of freedom and endless possibilities, connecting the allure of maritime adventure with the butterfly's universal symbolism of transformation. The piece breaks the confines of traditional artistic mediums, intertwining visual art with maritime and atmospheric elements.
The interactive installation itself is a shimmering tapestry that mirrors the ocean's rhythmic movement. Serving as a dynamic representation of the joys of travel, the installation embodies the sensation of boundless freedom that sea voyages often evoke. 
The work features 2,128 butterflies that initially appear in an abstract, parametric design. This aesthetic choice is inspired by the iconic design patterns of Erwin Hauer. The installation also incorporates subtle, ongoing wind patterns that naturally drift across the digital surface. When a viewer physically interacts with the piece, the touch acts like a disturbance on water, releasing the butterflies from their complex pattern into free flight.
"Every Wing Has a Silver Lining" is an interactive artwork that continues Harris’s own journey into the world of beauty, technology and interaction. The viewer is not just a passive observer but an active participant, contributing to a continuously evolving story of nature's beauty and the limitless opportunities that life offers.

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Code, Computers, 3d Sensors, Laser Rangefinders, LCD Screens, Aluminium, Steel


Commissioned by Norwegian Cruises.

Located in the Metropolitan Bar, VIVA ship.

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Dimensions in MM:

16,000 (W) x 2,000 (H) mm

Dimensions in INCHES:

630 (W) x 78 (H) inches

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