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All that Flutters Turns to Gold

2021 - 2022
'I see our fragile world with the most optimistic light. I see the beauty of nature striving for perfection, and I am in awe. I want to reach out and touch that beauty.' - Dominic Harris

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Ouronyx is the world's first destination entirely dedicated to facial aesthetics. Clients receive cutting-edge nonsurgical treatments at the hands of a selection of the world's most renowned aesthetic doctors. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we each have our 'public' face and our 'private' one. This duality of self is reflected in the Ouronyx ambition to celebrate and inspire a journey of self-discovery. To commemorate the opening of the new building at Twenty St James's Street, London, Ouronyx commissioned digital artist Dominic Harris to create an interactive piece of artwork in his signature style to the theme 'Beauty is Power', resulting in Dominic's golden masterpiece All That Flutters Turns To Gold.

For this work, Harris has chosen the butterfly, a recurring motif in his work for over a decade, to represent the fragility, harmony and beauty in both life and the natural world. Harris has abstracted the colour of the wings to gold, using the classic symbolism of gold throughout art history, while preserving the iridescent quality in the reflections that mirror the space and movement back to the viewer. All That Flutters Turns to Gold emulates this natural symmetry, whilst also incorporating parametric design to create a continuous surface of precious gilded butterflies that interact with movements of the viewer.

"We all have our own thoughts on what is precious. All That Flutters Turns to Gold is my personal homage to how precious the environment is. While preserving the flight and movement of the butterfly with the highest fidelity I have for my first time abstracted the colour of the wings. In using gold I reference and replace symbolism that has been used throughout the history of art. And in the way that I like to dream, it takes on an added quality that only I operate with: the gold is truly reflective, and one sees their own reflection and movement within the piece.
" - Dominic Harris

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2021 - 2022



Code, Computers, 3d Sensors, Laser Rangefinders, LCD Screens, Aluminium, Steel


Special commission artwork for OurOynx
Locations: London and Dubai

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