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Baby Shimmer

Depending on one's movement and position, the shifting volumes of light are an ever changing array of colours.

Referencing some of the techniques Harris employed in his smaller scale artworks, Baby Shimmer is a physical amplification of Harris' fascination with the role of the viewer and their interaction with colour, light and movement.

The colour shifting volumes of light respond to the movement of the viewer. In an era in which our lives are becoming increasingly digitised, the ultra-low resolution pixelation of shifting colour presented within the installation harks back to simpler times of less resolution and lower fidelity.

Harris describes this phenomenon as "low fidelity, high granularity", but realises it with his characteristic precision of manufacture, coupled with his obsession with viewer engagement.

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Edition of 18 + 2 Artist Proofs per colour combination


Glass, aluminium, electronics, acrylic


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Dimensions in MM:

200 (Ø) x 115 (D) mm

Dimensions in INCHES:

7.9 (Ø) x 4.5 (D) inches

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