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Moon Chandelier

Volumes of suspended light moving to reveal hidden crescents of the moon

The Moon Chandelier is conceived as a play between invisible light sources and the crescent of the moon in the sky at night. As one moves about the chandelier it will at times appear to consist of nothing more than crystal balls which from within begin to reveal a never-ending beautiful array of crescent shapes generated by the lighting layers within.

The Moon Chandelier is the result of playing with light, form, perception and technology. The incredible flatness of the lighting layer that has fascinated other designers is used to great effect, except in a radical inventive step it has been embedded within a precisely turned and hand polished acrylic sphere. This marriage of flatness and volume is responsible for the ephemeral and mesmerising light that at times is invisible, and at other times appears larger than life.

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Acrylic, LED, carbon fibre, electronics


Dominic Harris extends his gratitude to Mike Stoane Lighting for their collaboration in producing this artwork.

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