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NeoBloom: Full Series

a floral study of form, motion, and colour inspired by nature's beauty and transformation

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NeoBloom is a floral study of form, motion, and colour inspired by nature's beauty and transformation. Each flower appears endlessly caught in the 'crowning moment of beauty', perpetually sustaining a most beautiful blooming moment. The flower transitions to a ‘big bloom’ at the viewer's approach – a synthesised deconstruction and regrowth of the underlying geometries. This dynamic interaction depicts an eternal cycle of growth and rebirth in which the flowers never wilt – a loop of beauty that defies the natural order. 

The Collection



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Edition of 8 + 2 AP + 2 MP


Code, electronics, display, sensors, aluminium


Dimensions in MM:

757 (W) x 757 (H) x 104 (D) mm, framed

Dimensions in INCHES:

29.8 (W) x 29.8 (H) x 4.1 (D) inches, framed


In his NeoBloom series, Harris employs a synthesis of art and technology to create a collection of blooming flowers. Each flower in the series—Titania, Hermia, and Oberon—is not about representing biological accuracy but is instead the embodiment of a colour study in motion depicting imagined flowers caught in a state of perpetual bloom and beauty.  

The NeoBloom artworks engage with the themes of timelessness and transformation. The 'big bloom' moments are particularly poignant; these are when the viewer's presence catalyses a spectacular deconstruction of the structured beauty of the flowers, signifying both an end and a new beginning. This dynamic interaction speaks to the eternal cycle of growth and rebirth, a concept beautifully encapsulated in each flower's endless blooming.

Harris's choice to focus on the 'crowning moment of beauty' in flowers, perpetually sustaining the most beautiful moment of blooming, challenges our acceptance of natural cycles as metaphors for human experience. The flowers never wilt; they are reborn, continuously regenerating in a loop of beauty that defies the natural order. This artistic choice raises compelling questions about the role of art in an era dominated by digital creation and artificial intelligence. The series responds to the contemporary debate over the role of AI in art. By maintaining human control over the creative process through traditional modelling and animation techniques, Harris and his team assert the irreplaceable value of human ingenuity, even as they harness AI to enhance each piece's textural and chromatic richness. The NeoBloom series is not just a showcase of technical proficiency; it is a celebration of human creativity's potential to transcend the limitations of traditional media and create something truly mesmerising.

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