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A design object blending the lines between a table and a light

Phable is conceived as an exploration into the aesthetic qualities and sensations associated with a table surface. Phable's function is hybrid and relative to its surroundings, alternating between acting as a table and a light, depending on how its surround space is occupied.

Surface and planarity is represented by a wafer thin glowing white face composed of layered phosphor compounds. Below, the supporting clear acrylic bars act as light tunnels for high brightness blue LEDs. As the blue light hits the thin phosphor layer, various elements of the compound shift the light to different wavelengths which together collectively emit a brilliant white surface. High intensity light is obscured from view due to total internal reflection, completing Phable's supernatural appearance.

As a manifold object Phable blurs between table and light, reducing both to basic geometric elements that react depending on the viewer's  sensory response and spatial proximity.

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Acrylic, electronics, metal


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Dimensions in MM:

500 (W) x 660 (H) x 600 (D) mm

Dimensions in INCHES:

19.7 (W) x 26 (H) x 23.6 (D) inches

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