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Studies of movement, colour and iridescence

Metamorphosis exemplifies the process of transformation that sits at the heart of Dominic Harris’ work, forging a new symbiosis between the natural and human worlds.

Launched in 2020, each butterfly has been painstakingly created with layers of digital paint, hand-painted on a tablet with manual brushstrokes, building up colour and texture to achieve the iridescence and transparency that brings them to life.

No longer a creature we are forbidden to touch, the work allows users to interact with the butterflies to fully experience their beauty.

Metamorphosis is also an exploration of colour, both our scientific understanding of its primary and secondary states, and the emotive force of colour in art and nature. Indeed, the ‘metamorphosis’ takes place in the transformation of the viewers’ emotional state, as the rich colours of Harris’ butterflies shift and evolve across the screen.

In 2022, Harris has expanded his Metamorphosis series by re-challenging the power of his butterfly motif and the power of its symbolism by connecting the butterflies to unexpected finishes, as seen in the 'Precious Metals' and 'Five Elements' artworks.

Fascination with the butterfly is not a recent phenomenon in the art world. From Vincent van Gogh to Salvador Dalí, the butterfly has presented itself as a timeless kindred spirit, offering a variety of interpretations many of which have had a long-standing presence in popular culture, film and literature, as well as art. With their enormous palette of colours, as well as their fragility and variety, butterflies have often been used to symbolise aspects of human nature.

The Halcyon Gallery exhibition 'US NOW' launches an incredible body of artwork by British digital artist Dominic Harris, who returns to his celebrated butterfly motif in the new series World Stage and Metamorphosis.

The surprising juxtaposition of the bold, iconic design of the flags with the delicate, organic beauty of the butterfly represents the many facets and nuances of national identity today. This is heightened by the material transformation of the butterflies themselves, from full colour, to monochrome, to leaf-like precious metals.

2020 - 2023

Edition of 8 + 2 Artist Proofs + 2 Museum Proofs (for each Metamorphosis Edition)

Code, electronics, touch display, sensors, aluminium.

Dimensions in MM:
757 (W) x 757 (H) x 104 (D) mm, framed

Dimensions in INCHES:
29.8 (W) x 29.8 (H) x 4.1 (D) inches, framed