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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Full Series

Sneezy (Disney)

With sneezes of gale-force capacity, Sneezy can blow anything away and anyone in his path.

Sneezy's "kerchoos" shake walls, rattle windows and send his fellow Dwarfs diving for cover. Luckily, he gives plenty of warning by working up to the final explosions with very funny false starts.

His sneezes are powerful and of gale force capacity, which can blow away anything in its path. As a result, other dwarfs are quick to react individually, they often brace themselves to stay still and not get blown over. These narrative interactions are a playful addition to the user interactivity.

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Edition of 8 + 2 Artist Proofs + 2 Museum Proofs


Code, electronics, computer, display screen, 3D sensor, metal, acrylic


Produced with the support of the Walt Disney Company.

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Dimensions in MM:

Dwarf Dimensions:
680 (W) x 680 (H) x 150 (D) mm

Dimensions in INCHES:

Dwarf Dimensions:
26.8 (W) x 26.8 (H) x 5.9 (D) inches

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