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The immersive installation of 'Spectrum' places the viewer in the centre of a triptych of colourful digital tapestries of butterflies that marries technological artistry with the thematic resonances of the natural world, presented as hypnotic radial harmonies and colour gradients. Through the interaction of touch and time, it transitions through the spectrum, engaging the viewer in a deeper reflection on order, beauty, and life's inherent chaos.' Constructed with his characteristic meticulous attention to detail, 'Spectrum' showcases Harris’s ever-expanding collection of digitally rendered, hand-painted butterflies, each appearing vibrantly lifelike. These butterflies are arranged in concentric circles, creating a dynamic kaleidoscope that suggests spontaneity and precise orchestration.
The geometric patterning, radiating outward from the central protagonist—a favoured and recurring motif, the blue Morpho Helena—underscores a sense of perpetual movement and transformation, mirroring the natural life cycle of the butterflies themselves. The vibrancy of the colours and the delicate movement of the butterflies not only mimic the organic randomness of nature but also echo the aesthetic principles of Romanticism, emphasising the individual's emotional experience and the awe of the natural world. This piece invites interactive engagement, allowing viewers to influence the motion and array of the butterflies, thus playing a direct role in the artwork’s ever-evolving dance of creation.
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multiple 4K Video Projectors, 3d Sensors, Laser Rangefinders, Code, Electronics


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