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The Essence of Time

The Essence of Time : Yesterday

The potential of a life yet to be lived. The first artwork of the Triptych.

The first scene, Yesterday, celebrates the potential of a life yet to be lived. The opulent, bejeweled egg pays homage to the great craftmanship of Fabergé, whose Imperial Eggs recall the tragic fate of a grand dynasty – a luxurious memento mori in itself. The egg, featuring a unique butterfly motif, is opened by the viewer’s touch to reveal a delicate mechanical butterfly, a reference to Puppet Flutter, an earlier physical sculpture by Harris.

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Edition of 8 + 2 Artist Proofs + 2 Museum Proofs


Code, electronics, touch display, sensors, aluminium


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Dimensions in MM:

757 (W) x 757 (H) x 104 (D) mm, framed

Dimensions in INCHES:

29.8 (W) x 29.8 (H) x 4.1 (D) inches, framed

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