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Deserted: Monument Valley

Interpretation of the rocky terrain that characterises one of America's most popular deserts.

This is part of a larger artwork. See the full artwork series:


Influenced by popular culture, Monument Valley is considered the quintessential symbol of the American West. This third scene of the series focuses on the rock pillars characteristic of the region, including the most iconic spire of all: the 'Totem Pole'. The landscape bears witness to awe-inspiring weather conditions that are influenced by the behaviour of the viewer standing before the artwork.

The viewer orchestrates the power of nature, as the sun, wind and storms interact with floral growths and windswept tumbleweeds within this romanticised reinterpretation of Monument Valley.

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Edition of 8 + 2 Artist Proofs + 2 Museum Proofs, per canvas size


Code, electronics, computer, 4K touch display, metal


Dimensions in MM:

65 inch version:
860 (W) x 1485 (H) x 203 (D) mm

86 inch version:
1170 (W) x 2000 (H) x 173 (D) mm

Dimensions in INCHES:

65 inch version:
33.8 (W) x 58.5 (H) x 8 (D) inches

86 inch version:
44.1 (W) x 78.7 (H) x 6.8 (D) inches


"The artworks I create are very much a look and a response and sometimes a very romanticised, if not idealised, depiction of the experience I had. If you take, for example, the Deserted artwork, I have these very fond memories of when I was in the United States studying and travelling. For a long time I’d been road tripping around with my camera, documenting the things I’d found. I’ve always been drawn to the beauty of the environment and nature but the memories I have, or the memories I’ve formed from these encounters, tend to become distorted or surreal, sometimes accidentally, sometimes deliberately. There’s this kind of cross-pollination between what is real and the things I’ve been looking at in popular culture. Maybe it’s films that end up being associated with the places I’ve visited and it’s the storytelling’s fault." - Dominic Harris

Extract from interview with Dominic Harris by Simon Quintero.

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