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Flutter Wall

It is one's touch that brings this lepidopterist's dream to life

Recognised for their beauty, elegance and wide variety, butterflies are also known for their fragility. To touch one is a destructive act, as an individual’s fingertips have the power to destroy the delicate layers that make up their wings. In Flutter Wall, the viewer, presented with a lepidopterist’s cabinet of colourful butterfly specimens, has the opportunity to touch the creatures without causing harm. Instead, such contact brings the insects back to life. The work can quickly transform into a swarming kaleidoscope of butterflies, their frenzied flight dominating the screen before once again they settle to create a stunning array of colour.

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Edition of 8 + 2 Artist Proofs + 2 Museum Proofs, per canvas size


Code, electronics, computer, 4K touch display, 3D sensor, metal


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Dimensions in MM:

50 Butterflies / 65 inch version:
860 (W) x 1595 (H) x 203 (D) mm

91 Butterflies / 86 inch version:
1170 (W) x 2110 (H) x 17.3 (D) mm

Dimensions in INCHES:

50 Butterflies / 65 inch version:
33.8 (W) x 62.8 (H) x 8 (D) inches

91 Butterflies / 86 inch version:
46.1 (W) x 83.1 (H) x 6.9 (D) inches

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