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Stained Glass

Re-imagined stained glass window.

Since the 10th Century stained glass has been treated as a sophisticated art form, often symbolically depicting romance and religion. Though the fundamentals have remained the same, the medium has a rich visual history of artist experimentation through many different stylistic periods.

In Stained Glass, artist Harris brings new life to this aged technique, re-imagining what a stained glass window can become when digitally manipulated by the onward gaze of the viewer who in turn becomes an active participant. Whereas stained glass was historically a technique to communicate tales and events, Harris's artwork conversely reflects this history through its movement and transmutability. As the representation of a fantastical tree structure floats within the artwork, a flurry of foliage grows upon the branches only to soon fall to the ground in a gentle eddy of seasonal colours.

The artwork is as technologically advanced as it is conceptually engaging. Comprising transparent LCD screens set within a cast concrete frame, the artwork actively interacts with the viewer's gaze as they move about the piece. Harris's Stained Glass transcends the two dimensional restriction of its traditional counterpart with the image appearing to have real depth, creating illusion to a richness in the scene beyond one's expectation.

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Code, electronics, computer, transparent LCD display, concrete casting, 3D sensor, metal


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Dimensions in MM:

1950 (H) x 560 (W) x 180 (D) mm including pedestal

Dimensions in INCHES:

76.8 (H) x 22 (W) x 7.1 (D) inches including pedestal

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