In Plain Sight (Group Show)

The 'In Plain Sight' group exhibition at the Halcyon Gallery features interactive works by leading digital artist Dominic Harris, reflecting the theme of everyday beauty.

One of art’s most powerful functions is to direct its audience to beauty in the everyday. "In Plain Sight" celebrates works by six different artists who explore their subject through unique approaches.

The 'In Plain Sight' exhibition features interactive works by leading digital artist Dominic Harris, reflecting the theme of everyday beauty.

'NeoBloom' is a floral study of form, motion, and colour inspired by nature's beauty and transformation. Each flower appears endlessly caught in the 'crowning moment of beauty', perpetually sustaining a most beautiful blooming moment. This dynamic interaction depicts an eternal cycle of growth and rebirth in which the flowers never wilt – a loop of beauty that defies the natural order.

'Spectrum' is a colourful digital tapestry of butterflies that marries technological artistry with the thematic resonances of the natural world, presented as hypnotic radial harmonies and colour gradients. Through the interaction of touch and time, it transitions through the spectrum, engaging the viewer in a deeper reflection on order, beauty, and life's inherent chaos.

These digital interactive artworks by Harris are being exhibited for the first time, showcasing his innovative approach to digital art. Visit the exhibition at the Halcyon Gallery to explore these unique artworks firsthand.

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Featured Artworks

NeoBloom: Hermia

The perpetual blooming of emotions and timeless beauty

NeoBloom: Oberon

A majestic and powerful presence in yellow, purple and pink

NeoBloom: Titania

A regal and enchanting beauty symbolising the majesty and grace of its namesake


This work, which features multiple species of butterfly in a kaleidoscopic colour-wheel vision, relates to each of the above associations

Spectrum Immersive

The immersive installation of 'Spectrum' places the viewer in the centre of a triptych of colourful digital tapestries of butterflies

Flutter Hologram: Pendulum

The use of digital animation, projection technology, and historical artifacts offers viewers an intriguing contrast between the tangible and intangible.

Metamorphosis: Unseen

A study of previously undiscovered butterflies, and the choices we each make.